We are a small farm dedicated to raising goats as well as many other farm animals the "old-fashioned" way.  Our animals live outdoors throughout much of the year, often just having run in sheds they can go into as they want.  They are on pasture and have hay 24/7 year round.  

Visitors are welcome but please call before coming to visit.  This is a working farm and while we will try to accommodate your visit, there are times that we will not be able to do so.  

And please, if you wish to bring your children, please remember that this is a farm.  Do not let them run around, keep them with you! Electric fences are in use, the tractor is not a toy and no, you can not ride on it.  Please do not go into pastures without getting permission.  Most of the animals do like to get petted but all can bite if they think you are going to give them a treat.  Please don't feed fingers to the animals!  Male sheep are called rams for a reason, please don't have them prove this to you.  Also, shoes are needed.  No bare feet, crop tops, or short shorts please.  And finally, this is the country, there are no paved sidewalks or mosquito controls in place, nor do we have public restrooms or eateries!  :-)